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Frequently asked questions

What is is a free file hosting.

How do I upload files on Using our services you have 2 options by which you can store files:

1) No registration, you can store files up to 500MB of any type (music, movies, creations Utility) can not upload multiple files at once limit is 2 files, files life is lower than the " Registered account ", fand function " Pay per Download "is disabled.

2) Registered account, you can store files up to 500MB of any type (music, movies, creations Utility), you can simultaneously upload 10 files, files management function and can take advantage of "Pay per Download".

What kind of files can be uploaded / downloaded by

Any file that does not violate copyright or criminal force here fits these types of files but are not limited here:
-Porn, nudity, sexual content or profanity image;
-Violence on humans or animals;
-Photographers uploaded without their consent embarrassing situations bring different people;
Literary, audio or text format;
Different commercial advertisements, whose rights will belong;
Any file that is included in the listed and not only reserves the right to delete immediately.

What size files can be uploaded? The maximum file size is 500 MB.

What time are hosted files on The maximum duration of storage of a file if is not downloaded at least once is 60 days after which it will be automatically deleted by our servers.

What is the function of "Pay per Download"? This option works as you accumulate a total of 1000 discharges from downloading various files, pictures, personal archives, etc. will be credited $ 0.5. Will be counted only once an IP download file any type listed above within 24 hours, following that limit to be reset daily with the passage of 24 hours.

Can puts direct links to files uploaded? No, the phenomenon of "Hotlink is not permitted by any of the files uploaded on our servers.

Can I link to from my website? Yes of course. You can help us to maintain our free service by promoting

Who is able to delete the file? The file can only be deleted by the account holder and After you have uploaded a file you will be given a special link to delete the file.

Is it safe to download a file? It is always advisable to scan any file you download for viruses, trojans, worms, etc. If you remain unsure, ask the sender for more details.

If the above were not able to answer your questions do not hesitate to contact us using our contact page.